11 Best BMW E92 Mods That You Can Buy!

11 Best BMW E92 Mods That You Can Buy!

December 12, 2023 0 By CarGuy

Are you looking forward to purchasing some cool mods for your BMW E92? Look no further because, in this article, we are going to share all of the best BMW E92 mods that you can get.

Doing your own research is really important when it comes to buying some expensive mods. You just don’t want to get a product that is bad.

So, that’s why we compiled a long list of the BMW E92 mods that you can get from Amazon. On our list, we included visual upgrades, as well as some performance upgrades. We strongly hope that one of these products will be a good fit for you!

BMW E92 History

The BMW E92 for those who don’t know is not a model by BMW. But this is the name of the platform on which the 3-series coupe was built between 2004 and 2013.

This platform is similar to the one found in the sedan, which is the E90. But still, the coupe is substantially different and it got the E92 name.

What is interesting is that on this platform a variety of models are built. Including the M3 model.

So, we can say that the E92 platform was very versatile. And most importantly very advanced for its time.

These cars even today after 15 years, still perform on par with the latest models in terms of driving dynamics.

This is why the E92 is so popular among car guys who want to get the best car for the money. Considering that these cars are cheap nowadays, they are very good candidates for novice drivers and people who want to get the perfect driving machine.

Best BMW E92 Mods – Our Top List!

And one of the first things that most people do when they get a new BMW E92 is add mods. That’s why we compiled a good list of the best BMW E92 mods that you can get for the money!

1. Front Grill Front Central Grill Sport

One of the first mods that many new E92 owners do is replace the stock chrome grilles with aftermarket blacked-out ones.

And we couldn’t agree more with this mod. This mod takes the E92 to a completely different level lookswise.

There is no simpler and cheaper way to do a makeover of your BMW E92. And that’s why we recommend you this product.

These kidney grilles are one of the best on Amazon that you can find. They are bolt-on replacements which means that you only need to pop out the old ones and install the new ones. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes for this massive upgrade.

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2. Kidney Grille Diamond Meteor Grill For-BMW 3 Series E92 E93

In order to deliver options for those who don’t want to get the conventional kidney grilles, we also added one product that is greatly inspired by the modern 3-Series.

These are diamond meteor kidney grilles that look really nice, especially on the E92 model. They are a bit more expensive but in our opinion, they are totally worth it.

These kidney grilles are bolt-on components to any E92 coupe and will fit with no problem whatsoever.

You can get them in silver, black, or black and silver. Which in our opinion looks the best and completely changes the whole perception of the BMW E92 in a better way!

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3. DriftX Performance, 3PCS Front Bumper Lip Kit

A list of the best BMW E92 mods will not be complete unless we add a front splitter. This is one of the most popular mods that you can get for the E92.

And luckily, DriftX is a company that delivers excellent products. Their product is made out of ABS plastic that is really durable and will withstand a lot of stress

It not only makes your car look good, it also protects your bumper from impact. A big plus in our opinion.

The product is extremely easy to install but you can only install it on the M3 bumper. An excellent mod that will take your E92 to a whole different level!

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4. Q1-TECH, 5-Piece Front Bumper Lip + Side Skirt Rocker Winglet

Another really cool product that we must recommend is this Q1 Tech front lip and side skirt rocker winglet.

This is another very cool mod for those guys who are not running the M3 bumper. This product will fit the standard versions of the BMW E92. Which is a big plus.

It looks phenomenal since it is designed to look like real carbon fiber. And from a few feet away, nobody will know that this is not a real carbon fiber. It is that good.

And it is easy to install, you just need to apply the screws and adhesive and you are good to go. Simple as that.

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5. Jun-star Carbon Fiber E92 Trunk Spoiler for BMW 3 Series E92

And a list of the best BMW E92 mods will not be complete unless we add a rear wing as well.

And luckily there is one really cool product. This product is a full carbon fiber trunk spoiler that will fit any BMW E92.

This mod will not only make your E92 look extremely good but will also create a ton of downforce, something that is really essential if you are trying to make a proper street racer.

And the price of this product is really affordable for anyone out there, considering that this is a carbon fiber piece, we can say that it is a steal of a deal.

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6. MCARCAR KIT Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

And when it comes to creating downforce, a rear diffuser is a must. This mod not only will make your E92 look phenomenal, but it will also make downforce and will make your car protected from the rear.

This kit by MCARCAR is really popular on Amazon and is a great fit for any BMW E92 that has the M-Tech or M-Sport bumpers according to the description. It will not fit the standard E92 bumper or the M3.

Professional installation is required since installing this mod will require some modifications to the rear bumper. More about the product you can find in the description of this product.

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7. Jun-Star Carbon Fiber E92 E93 M3 Rear Lip Bumper Diffuser

In order to give a choice to everyone, we also decided to add this E92 rear diffuser only for the BMW M3 E92.

This product is a pure carbon fiber component made from high-grade carbon. Not only is it extremely good-looking, but it is also functional and provides some downforce.

Installation is very easy and straightforward if you have installed some of these mods. If not, make sure that you visit a professional shop to get this diffuser installed the right way.

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8. DNA MOTORING LED U-Halo DRL Projector HID Headlights

The BMW E92 is slowly becoming dated, especially when it comes to headlight technology. The industry has moved a long way since this car was conceived.

That’s why there are many companies that work on aftermarket headlights. One of these companies is DNA Motoring.

They created some really good-looking LED headlights that are greatly inspired by more modern BMWs.

Not only that these headlights look really nice, but they also work really well at night. For the fitment make sure that you read the product description.

However, according to the notes, these headlights will work on the 328, 335i, and M3 models. And they are also plug-and-play, meaning that there shouldn’t be some trouble replacing the stock ones.

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9. MMX2200 MAXX Coilovers Lowering Kit

Another mod that many owners do when they purchase a new BMW E92 is lower the car down and adjust the ride height.

And what better product for this purpose than a full set of aftermarket coilovers? Godspeed creates some really excellent products and one of these products is the MAXX lowering kit.

This kit is fully adjustable with 40 damping settings and is considered to be one of the more professional kits that you can buy for the money.

With this kit, you will get that perfect ride height that you always wanted, and make sure that your E92 handles like it’s on rails!

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10. Godspeed Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Some cannot get a full coilover suspension kit and have a limited budget. That’s why we decided to add some of the best-lowering springs that you can get.

These are the GodSPeed lowering springs that will lower your ride by 1.4’’ at the front and 1.3’’ at the rear.

Not to mention that they are extremely light and will definitely reduce the overall weight of the car besides making it look really nice looks wise.

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11. Drilling and Grooves GT Sport Brake Disc Rotors + Pads

And the last mod on our list of best BMW E92 mods is also a performance mod. Since you need stopping power.

That’s why we decided to add some really high-performance slotted and drilled rotors + pads. They are made by GV-Zone and are definitely some of the best out there.

The material is cast iron and the diameter is 336 mm. They will fit the 330i, 325d, 330d, and 335i. For more detailed information you can check the product description!

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In this article, we shared a lot about the BMW E92. First, we learned some of the history of this model and then we shared the best BMW E92 mods that you can find out there for the money.

Overall, these mods will do a complete makeover of your BMW E92 and will definitely change the overall appearance and performance of your BMW.