11 Best BMW E39 Mods That Money Can Buy!

11 Best BMW E39 Mods That Money Can Buy!

December 11, 2023 0 By CarGuy

Are you looking to purchase some cool mods for your BMW E39? Look no further, because in this article there will be a lot to share with you and learn which are the best BMW E39 mods.

Doing your own research, especially when it comes to mods is always a good idea. You just don’t want to end up paying a ton of money on some mods that sometimes can be a bit lackluster.

That’s why we compelled a strong list of the best BMW EE9 mods, we will include visual exterior, and interior upgrades, as well as some performance upgrades. So, let’s get started!

History Of The BMW E39

For those who don’t know, the BMW is probably one of the most legendary models that BMW ever introduced to the market.

This is the model that most people associate with the perfect driving machine. This model was introduced in 1995 and was in production until 2004.

The E39 was a perfect blend of old-school and new-school. It was advanced for its time, but not as advanced as its successor.

That’s why people so much love the E39. The E39 is something that a car in essence should be. A reliable ultimate driving machine.

And the E39 achieved that, this model has a cult following and a true legacy in the car community. The M5 model has been regarded as one of the best sports saloons ever made.

And the aftermarket is flooded with mods about this platform since this platform is so versatile and upgradable.

Best E39 Mods, Our Top List!

Now let’s take a look at the best E39 mods that you can get. We will focus on visual mods, as well as on some performance mods that you can add and improve your E39. So, let’s get started!

1. BMW 5 Series E39 1995-2002 Shift & E Brake Boot Black Suede M3

Nowadays everyone is after that Alcantara material that looks really nice. And we can’t blame people for that. Alcantara, or suede is highly popular, especially in motorsports.

One of the first things that many owners do when they buy a BMW, they change the leather shift boot with one of these Alcantara boots.

And honestly, it looks phenomenal, especially one of these products that we found on Amazon. This not only is made from Alcantara, but you also have the tri-color M-stitching, which looks phenomenal.

And not only that when you get one product, you also get the handbrake boot as well. Which is a big bonus.

And the best part of it is that this will fit any manual BMW E39 model. Installation is extremely straightforward and easy to do. Overall great product!

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2. YUK Matt Black Front Kidney Grilles

Another very popular upgrade that many BMW owners do when they purchase a BMW is changing the kidney grilles.

Factory ones are usually chrome and they know to fade away and start to chip. Overall, this doesn’t look really well.

So, people are replacing these kidney grilles with aftermarket ones. Especially blacked out like in this product.

With this product, you get two kidney grilles that fit like an OEM replacement part. Just pop off the old ones and install the new ones. Simple as that. And also they are dirt cheap. These grilles will fit any BMW E39, it doesn’t matter which model it is.

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3. MEWANT Hand-Stitched Black Artificial Leather Steering Wheel Cover Wrap

Many of these BMWs are pretty worn out since they have been on the road for 20+ years and the steering wheel has faded. This doesn’t look good.

So, what many people do is purchase steering wraps online and install them on their steering wheel.

One of these products is the Mewant hand-stitched black artificial leather steering wheel cover. This is a fully synthetic leather that you can install on your steering wheel and rejuvenate the old and worn steering.

This product needs to be applied by you or by an experienced person who knows how to stitch. That’s why we recommend visiting a shop in order to get this material properly installed.

More information you can read in the description of the product and see if this material will be good enough for your steering wheel.

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4. ZMAUTOPARTS Tail Brake Lights Rear Lamps Red/Smoke Tinted

Another item that many new owners of these BMW models upgrade when they purchase a new E39 is the taillights.

Older pre-facelift taillights look rather bad, to be honest. That’s why many people want to replace them with cheap aftermarket alternatives.

One of these products is the ZMAUTOPARTS aftermarket taillights. They are not LED. But they comply with the SAE and DOT standards in the USA and Canada.

They are smoke-tinted, which means that they look really nice. Overall, a great product that is definitely worth your attention.

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5. Spectre Engine Air Filter: High Performance, Washable, Replacement Filter

Another really important upgrade that you need to do on your BMW E39 is upgrading the factory air filter.

Factory air filters tend to underperform and deliver poor performance. That’s why we advise that you upgrade this filter with an aftermarket air filter by Spectre.

Spectre is a reputable company that makes really high-quality air filters that are high-flow and they last for 50,000 miles before needing to clean them. This means that you can wash and reuse the filter as long as you want.

This filter will be a good fit for the BMW E39 520i, 523i, 525i, 528i, and 530i. As well as X3, Z4, and other models. More information can be found in the description of the product.

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6. Aukur LED Logo Car Door Lights Projector 3D

One of the latest innovations that have come into the car mod world is definitely the LED projector logos that pop up when you open the door.

Personally, these are some of the best ways to customize your car. This way, everyone will know that you are driving a Bimmer.

Luckily, there are many products out there. This Aukur product is very popular and also extremely easy to install.

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7. Rev9 R9-HS2-028 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

And we cannot make a list of the best BMW E39 mods and not add a coilover setup. There is simply no other way to fully customize your E39 than adding custom coilovers.

Luckily Rev9 brings one of the best products out there. These coilovers implement monotube shock with a 32-click rebound setting.

With these coilovers, you will be able to adjust your BMW suspension and find the most perfect setting.

Having a good riding car will make you enjoy your car far better. These coilovers are also extremely light, which will reduce the overall weight of the car.

According to the description, this product is good for 5 series sedan models built between 1997 and 2003.

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8. Godspeed MSS0153 MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

We want to give you a choice, this is why we list another coilover brand in order to deliver the best result possible for your money.

This brand is Godspeed. Godspeed shocks are more expensive compared to the previous ones that we listed. But these are also a bit better. You can adjust them any way you like and get that perfect ride height.

Most importantly, they also come with a 1-year warranty, which will give you security when it comes to leakage or experiencing similar problems.

Not to mention that they look phenomenal in pink. Which is a really nice touch and will add a bit of personalization to your E39.

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9. H&R Lowering Springs compatible with BMW 5-Series E39 Sedan

Many people cannot afford coilover suspension and they want to reduce the ride height on a budget.

This is why we added the most popular lowering springs on the market. These are the H&R lowering springs that will lower your E39.

These springs are made in Germany and are well coated. So, they will serve you well in the long run.

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Another product on our list of best BMW E39 mods is a cold air intake by Intake KAI. A cold air intake is essential when it comes to adding more power to your BMW.

With a cold air intake, you will add at least 10 hp to the engine. Plus the louder note when you apply your foot on the throttle.

This kit will be a good fit for models that are running the inline-6 engine. These include the 525i, 528i, and 530i. For more details, you can check the description.

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11. Sport Drilling Brake Discs compatible with BMW SERIES 5 E39

You also want to improve how the car brakes, so adding some custom rotors is always a good idea.

Especially if they are drilled. This will prevent warping and will make the rotors perform well both on and off the track.
These discs are made out of cast iron and they have a diameter of 298×10. More on the spec you can check the product description and see if this product is the right for your BMW E39.

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Conclusion To Best BMW E39 Mods

In this article, we covered the best BMW E39 mods that you can get for the money. We listed both visual and performance-oriented mods. We really hope that you found some of these products attractive.