How Much To Install Coilovers – Is This Mod A Good Idea?

How Much To Install Coilovers – Is This Mod A Good Idea?

August 24, 2021 0 By CarGuy

So, you have been thinking of installing a new mod on your car and one of the first things that come up to your mind is probably getting a pair of coilovers. But how much to install coilovers? Price is always important and should be one of your top priorities when you are planning to get a new mod for your car.

Personally, I think that coilovers are one of the coolest mods out there and they are worth your attention. With them, you will have greater adjustability. You will be able to set your ride height in any way possible. You will be able to have summer, winter, and rain settings.

Also, the coilovers will stiffen your ride and you will enjoy that connection with the road. This will be most noticeable when you lower your car and lower the ride height.

Coilovers when installed in combination with a sway bar will reduce your body roll and will make the car look like you are driving on rails. That’s why coilovers are one of the coolest mods. But the price to pay for them is also not the cheapest and we are going to discuss that in this article.

In this article, we are going to cover the basics of coilovers. Then we are going to discuss the benefits and downsides of installing coilovers and then we are going to answer the question of how much to install coilovers. And lastly, we are going to give you tips on coilover maintenance. So, without further ado let’s jump into the article.

What Are Coilovers? How Much To Install Coilovers

Coilovers also known as coilover shocks are suspension components. They are widely used on race applications and cars that are designed for racing. But they are also extremely popular in the aftermarket.

How they work is pretty simple. They are basically a replacement for your factory struts. The coilovers are all in one design. They include the shock and the spring. So, installing them is pretty straightforward and you will not need some extra skills in order to know how to set up the coilovers.

They are bolt-on parts that are designed to fit a variety of vehicles and you will be able to add them as your future mod without any problems. How you can install coilovers we are going to explain in one of the next chapters.

Coilovers are gaining a lot of popularity recently because there are some brands that offer good deals on coilovers for a really affordable price. They are also popular because of their adjustability and the ability to install them on different cars. The benefits of having coilovers are many and we are going to discuss them in detail in the next chapter. And after that, we are going to cover the downsides and as well the price how much to install coilovers on your car? So, follow along.

Benefits Of Installing Coilovers

The benefits of installing coilovers are immense, especially if you are doing track days with your car. The coilovers are going to give you the adjustability you need in order to tackle those corners on the track. The coilovers can be set up for street and race.

You can have a ton of settings on the without replacing suspension components for race and for the street. As soon as you finish your race day, you can continue driving as usual only by adjusting the coilovers.

Also, they will make your ride quality a lot stiffer and you will start to feel a better connection with the road. This will make your car more connected to the road and is going to give you that perfect driving experience.

The coilovers are going to reduce the body roll on the vehicle at high speed and will make your car handle like it’s on rails. That’s why racers consider the coilovers as a necessity.

Not to mention that if you combine the coilovers with an aftermarket sway bar you are going to make the ride height even stiffer and you will enjoy your presence on the track even more.

And even on the street if you are one of those guys that want to have that racy feel the coilovers are going to be perfect for you.

Also, the cool factor is incredible. With a good set of aftermarket coilovers and rims, you are going to have one of the highest reputations in the car community.

Everyone will love to take a picture of your car and you are going to enjoy those cars and coffee meets with your friends even more.

High resale value is another of the perks of installing coilovers. This is a good thing since your coilovers are not losing a lot of their value after you get them. And if they are in good condition you should get more than 60% of their MSRP when you will try to put them on the market and sell them.

But there are also downsides with installing coilovers and we are going to cover them next and later we are going to answer the question of how much to install coilovers.

Downsides Of Installing Coilovers

There are plenty of ups of installing coilovers on your car but there are also some downsides when you are going to install coilvoers that are worth taking precaution. Since you don’t want to regret your choice later.

One of the biggest downsides of installing coilovers is the stiff ride that you are going to get after you install these coilvoers on your car.

This ride quality you may like at first, but if you are a guy that is doing long journeys you will find the lack of comfort as a frustrating thing because you are going to feel every bump on the road. Basically, your body will struggle of keeping up and this will take its toll sooner or later on your health. That’s why you should be aware and you should think twice before installing coilovers.

Another downside when installing coilovers is the maintenance that you have to perform on your coilovers. The coilovers should be properly maintained if you want them to last for long time. This is the case because in some places where is a lot of salt on the roads might damage your coilover threads. The threads are prone to damage from rust.

And once the threads get damaged you will not be able to readjust your coilovers and you are going to be stuck in one setting. That’s why after you get a pair of coilovers the first thing you should do is to protect them.

In order to protect the coilovers you should apply grease to them or another lubricant that will prevent rust to get them. Also, it is a good idea to get coilover covers. These fabric coilovers are going to keep your coilovers clean and you shouldn’t have any issues with them.

Another downside of getting coilovers is the price. Coilovers are pricey and how much to install coilovers is a bit on the expensive side. And that we are going to cover in the next chapter.

How Much To Install Coilovers?

So, the important question is, how much to install coilovers? Well, that depends on how much money you want to spend. If you are looking quality to price ratio you will spend more than $700 on a pair of coilovers for your car.

If you want to go a step further and choose some of the premium brands you will have to spend more than $1000 to get a good brand coilvoers.

We are talking about coilovers that come with a warranty. This warranty usually lasts for a year, so you will not going to have a problem.

It is also a good idea to try to avoid some of the cheap brands, these are the coilovers below $700. There are plenty of companies that offer coilovers for $300 to $700. The downside of these brands is that they do not offer a warranty and also, they do not offer the same options of adjustability as the more expensive brands offer. That’s why it’s worth considering some second-hand coilovers that were not driven a lot than getting these cheap ones that will make you sorry that you purchased them later.

We hope that we answered the question of how much to install coilovers and now let’s talk about coilover maintenance.

Coilover Maintenance

Coilover maintenance is important. I’m saying this because if you don’t protect your coilovers, you are very likely to get damage the threads that serve for adjusting them.

In the winter there is a lot of salt thrown on the streets. And this salt is causing rust buildup on these coilover threads. If there is rust buildup on your threads, it means that your coilovers are not going to readjust in the future, especially if the rust buildup is too large it could damage your coilovers permanently.

That’s why using some precaution measures is a good idea. And by this, I mean greasing your coilovers. Get a grease that is made for threads and lube your coilovers very well. Don’t be cheap on it. This will guarantee that your coilovers are not going to rust.

Also, using coilover blankets is another good idea. These coilover blankets are extremely cheap and you can get a pair for $20. You will only have to attach them to your coilovers and that’s it. You are prepared for the winter.

But before this make sure that you grease the threads. This is a crucial step if you want to fully protect your coilovers for the winter.

Or, if you want to protect them 100%, you can just remove the coilovers and reinstall your struts for the winter. Factory struts will make the winter driving more enjoyable and you will not going to have problems tackling the snow and mud.

Also, your coilovers will be safe from the elements and you can reinstall them in the spring.

Do I Need Coilovers? How Much To Install Coilovers

This is a good question and deserves an elaborate answer. Do you need coilovers depends on you and your driving skill and driving habit.

If you are doing track days then installing coilovers is a necessity. The coilovers are going to improve your driving skill by a big margin. They will help you to cut a few seconds per lap and look like a pro.

Also, if you are a car guy that is looking for an upgrade and you want to improve the stance and driving characteristics of his ride, I can recommend coilovers. But you should think about the ride comfort. Because with coilovers your ride comfort is going to suffer a lot compared to the time when you were running your car on your factory struts.

If you prefer comfort over the cool factor and the performance then installing coilvoers is not for you. Or if you want your car to look cool and drive like it’s on rails then looking online for how much to install coilovers is your best bet. The coilovers are going to improve your handling in any way and your car will be extra sharp.

This will also wake up the racer inside you and you will start to take your car to your local racetrack and this may become your hobby.


In this article, we have covered everything you need to know when it comes to coilovers. We learned the basics and then we learned the advantages and disadvantages of installing coilovers on your car.

The advantages are the better ride quality, adjustment, increased stability during high-speed cornering, and the cool factor. The downsides of installing coilovers were the maintenance requirements and these maintenance requirements need to follow in order to keep them well preserved in the long run. Another downside was the higher price tag and we answered the question of how much to install coilovers.

You should take into consideration that coilovers are not cheap and you will have to invest some dollars in order to get a pair of coilovers. You can also get second-hand coilovers if you are short on budget.

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