10 Best BMW G30 Mods That You Can Buy!

10 Best BMW G30 Mods That You Can Buy!

December 16, 2023 0 By CarGuy

Are you interested in learning more about the best BMW G30 mods? If that’s correct, look no further because, in this article, we are going to share all of the coolest mod ideas with you.

Doing your own research before looking for a mod is always a good idea. You just want to inform yourself on what are the coolest options that you can get. And that’s why we are here to simplify these things for you and help you get the best products.

First, we are going to learn more about the G30 in general. We will find out what this model is and its history. Then, we will share our list of the best BMW G30 mods that money can buy. We will try to include everything that is worth your attention, from lip spoilers, diffusers, carbon fiber pieces, coilovers, and much more!

History Of The BMW G30

The BMW G30 is not a real model. The G30 is the codename for the platform on which the BMW 5 Series was built.

Specifically, the G30 platform was produced between 2016 and 2023 for the sedan version of the 5 Series. This platform was probably one of the best after the E39 when it comes to 5 Series models.

On this platform, many models were built, both gasoline and diesel variants. Gas powered models include the 520i, 520e, 530e, 540i, 545e, M550i, M5, and Alpina B5.

While the diesel models include the 518d, 520d, 523d, 525d, 530d, 540d, and M550d.

As you can see a ton of vehicles were built on this platform. And they are getting a ton of traction lately. Especially among younger car buyers who want to get a used model and then add some cool mods to it.

Best BMW G30 Mods – Our Top List Of Products!

Now let’s take a look at our list of best BMW G30 mods, we will list front splitters, rear spoilers, diffusers, coilovers, lowering springs, and a ton of other mods. So, let’s get started!

1. DriftX Performance, Front Bumper Spoiler Splitter Lip

Let’s start our list of the best BMW G30 mods with one really cool mod. And this is the DriftX performance front bumper splitter.

Small upgrades such as this will definitely change the whole perspective of your BMW and that’s why we really encourage owners to get a proper splitter such as this one.

This piece is made out of 100% carbon fiber. This means that it is very legit and definitely one of the best mods for the money.

The mod is really easy to install. But if you are a beginner, we would recommend that you visit a shop to get it installed the proper way. This mod will only fit BMWs with the M-Sport package. So, you need to have the M-bumper to be able to install it.

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2. BMW 5 Series G30 Pre-Deluxe Edition Front Splitter

Another front splitter that we really recommend is this carbon fiber splitter for the Pre-Deluxe edition.

These are 5-Series made between 2017 and 2020 with the non-M-Sport bumper.

And we can honestly say that this splitter makes this model with the standard bumper look really nice compared to stock.

This splitter will give you some presence and will make the front end more muscular. Overall, pretty good upgrade.

Installation is similar to any other splitter. This one is able to be installed with some self-tapping screws according to the seller. Overall, great product!

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3. Carbon Fiber Style Replacement Front Kidney Grills

Another really common upgrade that many BMW owners do is to install aftermarket kidney grilles.

Stock kidney grilles look very boring, nobody wants that chrome look. And many owners want to get some blacked-out kidney grilles.

Luckily, there are plenty of options. Especially this product that has a really good rating on Amazon.

These kidney grilles are made from high-quality plastic and they are made to resemble carbon fiber. They are also UV-protected and clear-coated. This means that they will last forever.

Installation is very easy, just remove the old ones and place these in position. They are an OEM fit.

They will fit to any G30 5 Series out there, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the M5 or the 520i. Overall, great product for a really good price.

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4. Carbon Fiber Lift Gate Trunk Spoiler Wing

Another visual upgrade that we add to our list of best BMW G30 mods is this carbon fiver lift gate trunk spoiler.

This is a product by Q1-Tech a company that is selling these products on Amazon and they have really good feedback.

Specifically this product has favorable ratings. And most importantly it looks really nice. This product is made from pure 3k carbon fiber that has some nice weave to it and looks really nice.

The spoiler is clear coated with a UV-protection layer, which means that it will last in the long run.

Installation is very easy with double-sided tape. This means no drilling and other modifications are needed!

This product will fit any BMW G30, no matter it’s an M-sport or a regular model. Since the trunk is the same on every model.

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5. MCARCAR KIT G30 Real Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

We also decided to add another rear wing to our list of best BMW G30 mods in order to give our readers more options!

This product is a product by MCARCAR, another company that is doing a lot of BMW mods.

And we can say that this wing looks phenomenal. It is more aggressive than the previous product, meaning that it will provide more downforce.

This product is made from 3k carbon fiber that looks really nice. The spoiler is clear-coated and UV-protected.

Installation is very easy with double-sided automotive tape that will secure it in the long run. It will fit any BMW G30 out there.

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6. Forged Carbon Fiber Car Steering Wheel Paddle Shifter Extension

Another really cool mod that will increase the appeal inside of the cabin is these carbon fiber paddle shifter extenders.

These extenders are made out of forged carbon fiber, which is very popular nowadays among car guys. And we can honestly say that forged carbon fiber looks pretty good, even better than regular carbon fiber.

This product is designed to fit the original paddle shifters that you have. Specifically, the ones found in the 540i model. Installation is extremely easy.

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7. Carbon Fiber Canards Front Bumper

A really cool mod that you can add to your BMW G30 are these carbon fiber canards for the front bumper.

These carbon fiber canards are very small but tasteful mod that you can add and accentuate the aggressiveness of your G30. We recommend this mod along with the front splitter.

These canards are very easy to install with double-sided tape. This means that there is no drilling or other modifications for installation. Overall, great product!

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8. Rev9 Coilover Lowering Kit

And a list of the best BMW G30 mods would not be complete unless we add one performance mod.

This is why we added this Rev9 product. Rev9 is a company that offers some really affordable coilover suspension.

And if you want to fully customize your ride height, you definitely need to add a coilover kit.

This product is extremely well-engineered and adjustable. These coilovers can be adjusted in 32 ways.

They are extremely light and will also reduce the overall weight of your BMW.

Installation is recommended to be done in a professional manner in a shop. Since this installation is complex, it also requires some wheel alignment to be done afterward.

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9. Godspeed Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

Another cool mod for those who want to lower their car on a budget are these Godspeed lowering springs.

These springs will lower the front for 1.4’’ and the rear for 1.4’’ as well. They are good alternatives to coilovers but the downside is that you don’t have the option to adjust the ride height. This means that you will be stuck in one setting.

What is good is that these springs are well coated and heat treated, they will last in the long run without any problem. They also have limited warranty in case of material defects or craftsmanship.

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10. JTP Forged Wheel Spacers

Another very popular mod that we need to add to our list of best BMW G30 mods is these wheel spacers by JTP.

Whenever you want to install some beautiful wheels, it is a good idea to add some wheel spacers in order to widen them up a bit.

Wider wheels give a better impression and more aggressiveness. That’s why we recommend doing this mod if you want to get some width on a budget, without the need to install wider wheels and tires.

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Conclusion To Best BMW G30 Mods

In this article, we covered quite a lot when it comes to the BMW G30. First, we learned more about this chassis and the models that are built on it.

In the second part, we covered the best BMW G30 mods that money can buy. We added front lip spoilers, grilles, canards, rear wing, and also some performance upgrades such as lowering springs and coilover suspension.

For more mods, you can check our article on the best BMW F30 mods.